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Want a nice summer (chemical) burn? Skip the beach, check out Walmart.

chinese footwear walmartIf you want to buy a pair of summer shoes – read this entire article, it might save you a lot of pain. A woman purchased a pair of Chinese-made flip-flops at Walmart. After wearing them for a couple of days , she noticed something was wrong with her feet (see photo), but did not give it much thought. She thought the flip-flops weren’t worn in yet. Once the pain got worse, she decided to consult a doctor. It turned out that these flip-flops were made from materials that are not supposed to be in contact with human skin and could lead to a chemical burn. Instead of going straight to a lawyer, like most Americans would in this situation, the woman went to Walmart and asked them to take these flip-flops off the racks. Walmart told her to consult the Chinese manufacturer. These flip-flops remain on sale today.

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