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Surreal Steve Highfield Photography

Steve Highfield PhotographyHere’s a collection of amazing, almost surreal photographs  by Steve Highfield.

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Balls of Fury: hillarious ping pong photos.

Balls of Fury - Ping Pong PicturesIn the spirit of the upcoming “Balls of Fury” movie, which seems I alone find funny, I posting this collection of hillarious and also pretty neat ping pong pictures. If you think ping pong is a game of the fat, out of shape couch warriors, you haven’t played serious ping pong. At my old dot-bomb job we had this ping pong table and a while board where we kept score. The ongoing championships we had were probably one of the reasons why the company blew thru multiple rounds of funding and had nothing to show in the end. Nevertheless, it was a great past time. These pictures are here to prove it.

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10 photos of beautiful female faces.

Beautiful Female FacesI am in an artsy-fartsy mood today, thus this post. As a human male with raging hormones I love, admire and worship women. I also love simplicity, grace and healthy looks. Here I present a small collection of beautiful, natural and absolutely gorgeous female faces.

Some of you might find these shots cliche. You might be right, many of these have been done before with popular glamour model. These, on the other hand, are unknown cuties. That’s what makes these so damn faces. I’m seriously tired of seeing the same face over and over again. Amateurs make art and even shallow glamour look fresh.

Next time you see some hippie dude walking around with an SLR camera, ask him to take a picture of your girlfriend. She might end up on my site. And no, I won’t send you a check.

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Silvercash Bikini Contest 2007

Amazing Bikini Model Photo

Here’s some eye candy from the bi-annual Silvercash bikini contest which takes place at the Internext adult expo. This one took place at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

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Top 10 of sports scandals : Sports Celebrities caught on using doping.

Top 10 of sports scandals : Sports Celebrities caught on using doping.

10 – Diego Maradona – caught with ephedrine in 1994

diego maradona

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The dawn of New York.

Let us imagine that mankind somehow died. It just did. In how many years human presence on the planet will be erased? How will it happen? This is exavtly what is described in “World Without Us” book by Alan Weisman, University of Arizone professor.


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Russian People Portrait. journal recently came up with a very interesting project. They shot random russian people of different jobs and ages. Mission: show life in Russia.

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Want a nice summer (chemical) burn? Skip the beach, check out Walmart.

chinese footwear walmartIf you want to buy a pair of summer shoes – read this entire article, it might save you a lot of pain. A woman purchased a pair of Chinese-made flip-flops at Walmart. After wearing them for a couple of days , she noticed something was wrong with her feet (see photo), but did not give it much thought. She thought the flip-flops weren’t worn in yet. Once the pain got worse, she decided to consult a doctor. It turned out that these flip-flops were made from materials that are not supposed to be in contact with human skin and could lead to a chemical burn. Instead of going straight to a lawyer, like most Americans would in this situation, the woman went to Walmart and asked them to take these flip-flops off the racks. Walmart told her to consult the Chinese manufacturer. These flip-flops remain on sale today.

Continue reading for some amazing gruesome pictures.

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Wakeboarding Russian style.

Wakeboarding Russian StyleIf life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Well, if your city has a major drainage problem and it gets flooded every time it rains it’s only for so long you can be pissed at the situation. Eventually you have to use it to your advantage. Here’s a fine example of how Russian mentality works. All you need is a wakeboard and a truck.

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A set of amazing pictures.

26_podborka_39.jpgI couldn’t wait till the weekend for the “weekend feel good pictures” and decided to share these with you right now. I am sure I’ll have plenty more for the wekend.


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