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This Fractal Puzzle is just amazing.

fractal puzzle pictureThis is a fractal maze which has sections displayed as letters, each of them is a the exact replica of the whole maze(it also has sections etc.). The goal is to fo – to +.

P.S: If you did not understand the goal of the puzzle – you want be able to solve it. Here is a little tip.

Letters A B C D E F G H symbolize the exact replica of the puzzle. So, If the road led you to a B section in the lower entrance(second to the left), this means that you have to change your eye focus to the bottom of the puzzle and start moving from the entrance which is situated right above “to” word.

See full size puzzle.

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Another office killer..

very catchy office killerYet another office killer. This is a very fun game – you set up your guns and make sure that not a single vehicle passes. First 70 levels are quite easy, then you’ll start scratching your head. Some people have gone as far as 312 levels!