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Modular studio apartments for Japanese students.

Miniature Student HomeJapanese ingenuity is here to surprise us again. What you’re looking at is a set of portable homes, designed for students. Remember the Seinfeld episode where Japanese businessmen were sleeping in closet drawers? Well this goes along those lines. Each of those little boxes is a fully functional “studio apartment.” More pictures included.

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Freaks from Tokyo.

Tokyo FreaksAs expected, the Japanese are continuing to blur the thin blue line between art and insanity, original and plain weird. In this set of images you’ll see what a Japanese version of a real freak fest looks like. I personally do not get it but I am capable of admiring such effort.

I can’t help but wonder, how do these poeple arrive to the design of their outfits. I don’t remember ever waking up and thinking: well today I am going to color my hair pastille blue, put a white contact lens in my right eye, a piercing in my lower lip, my eye brow and my nose, a set of desert goggles on my head, color braids and my hair… Throw in some pink boots to finish off my ridiculous outfit and I am ready to go to a business meeting.

I am not ready to move to Japan.

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People under Water! People under Water! Japanese with too much time on their hands!

Japanese people under waterThis isn’t all that original but still looks pretty neat. The concept is pretty obvious: you take a pool, put some people (who have too much time on their hands) in there, put a large sheet of Plexiglas, pour some water. You have a quality ripple effect going on and start snapping pictures. I’ve seen better stuff come out of Japan.

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