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Modular studio apartments for Japanese students.

Miniature Student HomeJapanese ingenuity is here to surprise us again. What you’re looking at is a set of portable homes, designed for students. Remember the Seinfeld episode where Japanese businessmen were sleeping in closet drawers? Well this goes along those lines. Each of those little boxes is a fully functional “studio apartment.” More pictures included.

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These miniature but working airplanes rock!

miniature airplaneNowadays more and more people get into modeling different gadgets and devices. Airplanes modeling is considered to be one of the most popular fields of modeling. Inventors use a variety of different methods to make their models fly , these may be combustion engines, ropes , or, even a small miniature jet engine installed at a plane model( see pic). German modelist Peter Michael bulid such kind of models, who has already made small full functioning models of Boeing and Airbus planes.

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Amazing Camouflage from the US Army.

camouflage pictureAmerican company Multicam famous for their army gear released a new camouflage which makes a person practically invisible on any kind of terrain. This is extremely important for the soldiers not to be spotted by the enemy during some combat actions or just spying.

New camouflage disguise soldiers in the way they could hardy be seen even from a close distance.

MultiCam is a modern multi-environment camouflage pattern developed by Crye Associates in conjunction with US Army Soldier Systems Center(also known as U.S Army Natick labs)

See further photos.

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Kamasutra for a Terminator

terminators doing it doggy styleOkay, I don’t care what you think, this is really hot. This is what computer graphics were really made for. For the curious, I believe this was made in Poser and Maya but I can be wrong.

I am quite amazed by the attention to detail and shadowing that went into this. Wow, just wow.

Stopping now so you could enjoy this hot off the press modern art masterpiece of … two robots getting it on. Before you drop your pants, don’t forget your Mobile 1.

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Scary bicycle helmet for kids.

I wish I had this when I was a kid. This helmet, designed by a 22 y.o.¬† Luke Pannell, a Brunel University industrial design student is pretty high tech. Not only is it cool looking, it also filters air by capturing particles and expelling them when you breathe out. This will definitely be the helmet to have and parent won’t ever have to force their kids to put a helmet on. I’d put this on just for a walk in the park.

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