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Hilarious well-timed photos

funny picture

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Desperate Moose (4 pix)

desperate moose humping a statue

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Staying cool in the Summer (3 pictures)

keeping it cool in the summerSo you like your pimp ass jacket and your stylish jeans but it’s freaking 95 degrees outside? Well you’re not the only one with such problem. Some smarter than you Chinese students came out with this awesome outfit. I bet it sells at a 50% discount.

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Perfectly ruined pictures

perfectly ruined pictureI love these. Nothing like something funny (or terrible) happening in the background of your picture.

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Here, gator, gator, gator…

alligator This guy is just trying to get nominated for the Darwin Awards…

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Captain Obvious has called!

looking for a library?

Craiglist gem. Every girl’s apartment.

typical girl’s apartment Knock knock

Oh hi, how’s it going? It’s me! Every girl ever. I’m really looking forward to this date. I’m not nearly as attractive as you remember me being because when we met the bar was dark and you were drunk. Come on in.
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A visual guide to bad judgement 101

Boat in a storm

Next time you get on a boat expecting a good time ask yourself a simple question: do I trust this person to be a captain? Buying a boat doesn’t necessarily give you the necessary skillset to navigate and hopefully avoid dangerous conditions.

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Warning: Be very careful how you dispose of those embarrassing items

Written by Ben Gerrard

Monday, 23 April 2007

Wednesday morning started out just like any other for 38yr old Nebraska resident, John Greer.

Little did he know that in 20 minutes time he would set off a chain of events that would lead to his arrest and subsequent charges for supplying Pornography to minors. Greer an avid recycler always makes sure he puts out his stack of papers every Wednesday as part of the states Curb Side Paper Recycling Collection service.

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