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Awesome pictures of animals getting it on dirty style.

Pictures Animals Getting it OnHere’s a collection of absolutely hillarious pictures of various animals getting it on dirty style. Some of this stuff is Pent House quality material.

I find monkeys to be super funny. Check out their facial expressions. Priceless!

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Silvercash Bikini Contest 2007

Amazing Bikini Model Photo

Here’s some eye candy from the bi-annual Silvercash bikini contest which takes place at the Internext adult expo. This one took place at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

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Amazing paintings of Terry Rodgers

amazing erotic paintings by Terry RodgersTerry Rodgers is an American painter who does an amazing job reflecting the modern culture in his paintings. His paintings are rich in detail, they portray the modern multi-cultural and multi-racial society. Just like the economic complexity, eroticism is quite prominent and is delivered very well. A common subject is a gathering of wealthy youth, partying the night away.

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