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Hilarious well-timed photos

funny picture

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A huge collection of images of bathroom door signs from around the World.

great bathroom pictures I really never bothered to think of how many ways a pictogram of a man and a woman can be created. This gives a pretty good idea that the possibilities are endless. This is a huge collection of pictures taken of bathroom doors around the World depicting simple, common ideas – male and female. That’s right, the “little boys” and the “little girls” rooms. I have to admit that some of these are quite hard to depict – I’d probably stand there trying to guess which door to enter.

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The dawn of New York.

Let us imagine that mankind somehow died. It just did. In how many years human presence on the planet will be erased? How will it happen? This is exavtly what is described in “World Without Us” book by Alan Weisman, University of Arizone professor.


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A set of amazing pictures.

26_podborka_39.jpgI couldn’t wait till the weekend for the “weekend feel good pictures” and decided to share these with you right now. I am sure I’ll have plenty more for the wekend.


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Pirelli Calendar 2007 – 26 Pictures

Pirelli Calendar Beautiful Babe PhotographI love eye candy, especially when it’s done tastefully. Here are 26 images of simply amazing women, doing what they do best – look pretty.

These shots are a perfect example of when photography is taken beyond regular tool usage, everyday mechanics and boredom and propelled to the whole level — art.


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Kamasutra for a Terminator

terminators doing it doggy styleOkay, I don’t care what you think, this is really hot. This is what computer graphics were really made for. For the curious, I believe this was made in Poser and Maya but I can be wrong.

I am quite amazed by the attention to detail and shadowing that went into this. Wow, just wow.

Stopping now so you could enjoy this hot off the press modern art masterpiece of … two robots getting it on. Before you drop your pants, don’t forget your Mobile 1.

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Freaks from Tokyo.

Tokyo FreaksAs expected, the Japanese are continuing to blur the thin blue line between art and insanity, original and plain weird. In this set of images you’ll see what a Japanese version of a real freak fest looks like. I personally do not get it but I am capable of admiring such effort.

I can’t help but wonder, how do these poeple arrive to the design of their outfits. I don’t remember ever waking up and thinking: well today I am going to color my hair pastille blue, put a white contact lens in my right eye, a piercing in my lower lip, my eye brow and my nose, a set of desert goggles on my head, color braids and my hair… Throw in some pink boots to finish off my ridiculous outfit and I am ready to go to a business meeting.

I am not ready to move to Japan.

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