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10 photos of beautiful female faces.

Beautiful Female FacesI am in an artsy-fartsy mood today, thus this post. As a human male with raging hormones I love, admire and worship women. I also love simplicity, grace and healthy looks. Here I present a small collection of beautiful, natural and absolutely gorgeous female faces.

Some of you might find these shots cliche. You might be right, many of these have been done before with popular glamour model. These, on the other hand, are unknown cuties. That’s what makes these so damn faces. I’m seriously tired of seeing the same face over and over again. Amateurs make art and even shallow glamour look fresh.

Next time you see some hippie dude walking around with an SLR camera, ask him to take a picture of your girlfriend. She might end up on my site. And no, I won’t send you a check.

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