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Desperate Moose (4 pix)

desperate moose humping a statue

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Amazing picture of a dog saving a cat from drowning.

Dog saves a Cat from drowningOnce in a while you stumble on certain behavior so paranormal it’s simply astonishing. Look at this image.

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So you like fishing? Here, gator, gator, gator…

alligator eats peopleI don’t know the story behind these pictures but I bet it went something like this. A guy decided to go fishing where “no man has gone before.” He got a bit tired and relaxed by the hot sun and stopped paying attention. Two little eyes popped up from the water… tadam, tadam, tadam. The next thing he knew is his body was being thrashed around by something a lot bigger than him. For a second he felt his bones breaking but he didn’t feel much thanks to a healthy pump of adrenaline. He fought but it wasn’t his day, moment or battle.

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More exciting news from China: horse riding lions

Tiger riding a horseJust when you think the Chinese could not get any crazier, here’s some imagery for you – a lion riding a horse. If this doesn’t get animal rights activists cringing, I don’t know what will. Imagine how terrified this horse is.

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Awesome fish face painting.

Awesome face painting

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Nigersaurus – The Niger Lizard

In recent years it has become popular that nigersaurus may have had feathers, but i read an article in which it was told that scientists had managed to recover proteins out of fossilised nigersaurus bones. they compared those to bird proteins and found out that they were almost completly different. so they concluded that nigersaurs are not related to birds, just had a bird-like skeleton….that may also mean that they didn’t have feathers.

Nigersaurus (meaning “Niger lizard”) is a genus of diplodocoid sauropod dinosaur from the middle Cretaceous period, about 119 to 99 million years ago that was described by Paul Seren and colleagues in 1999. It is one of the most common genera found in the rich fossil vertebrate fauna of the Elrhaz Formation, Gadoufaoua, in the Niger Republic, discovered by Philippe Taquet, and described in a paper published in 1976.

Awesome pictures of animals getting it on dirty style.

Pictures Animals Getting it OnHere’s a collection of absolutely hillarious pictures of various animals getting it on dirty style. Some of this stuff is Pent House quality material.

I find monkeys to be super funny. Check out their facial expressions. Priceless!

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A set of amazing pictures.

26_podborka_39.jpgI couldn’t wait till the weekend for the “weekend feel good pictures” and decided to share these with you right now. I am sure I’ll have plenty more for the wekend.


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Lions know how to have fun too…

LionsLook at this purty kitty. What do you think she has on her mind? She definitely doesn’t look hungry. Quite peaceful actually. Find out her secret here.

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