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A collection of cool illustrations.

amazing illustratio, artwork, cartoon, painting

Here’s a collection of quality illustrations done by various artists. I’m posting them here for no reason other than they caught my eye and admire the skill and effort that went into them. Enjoy.

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Greatest optical illusions collection.

optical illusionThis entire post is built on optical illusions photos which we consider to be really great.

1. Elevator floor

On the floor of this elevator you may se a high-quality picture of its shaft, showed from angle that makes you believe there is no floor.

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The ads that will make you look twice.

very sexy advertismentWhat does it take to make a good ad? If it’s an ad on bill board or a side of a bus, in most cases you have only a moment, a fraction of a second, to make an impression. I read somewhere that the actual number is somewhere close to 0.4 seconds. So, how do you make a sales pitch in under half a second? Well you cant, what you really have to do is capture your customers attention and make them look again. Which brings us to the next point. What will make them look again? What will sell them? Well, we all know that sex sells. So what do you get when you combine the two?

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