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Taking your life into the afterlife.

Amazing Burial Plot - Taking your life into afterlifeEgyptian Pharaohs were known to be buried with their possessions, including their armor, farm animals and even slaves. This isn’t that extreme but this is definitely above the norm by modern standards.

If anyone is looking for a flat screen TV and a nice collection of whiskey, you know where to find it. You’ll have to dig for it, don’t mind the smell

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Ford Mustang out of Budweiser cans.

car out of beer cansThere’s not much to add here other than we all have different hobbies. Many of us chose to sit on our asses doing nothing. Some of us like beer. This guy likes beer and sculpture, or mechanical engineering. One of the two.
This is a replica of a 1967 Ford Mustang made out of Budweiser cans. This ought to give him lifetime sponsorship from Bud.

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K-Lynn lingerie show.K-Lynn lingerie show.

K-Lynn lingerie picturesBabes clad in hot lingerie walking down a runway positioned between a beach and mountains would make for good day in my book. That’s the event sat up by K-lynn in Beirut, Lebanon. Too bad there really aren’t too many pictures of this amazing amazing event.

Oh, if you want to pick up a set of this hot stuff for your girl, check out K-Lynn.

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42 Hi-Res Pictures of Amazing Beaches.

beaches_thumb2.jpgHere are 42 pictures of the most amazing beaches what will make you say “wow” and at least 5 of you will think “wish I was there.” Yes, they are that amazing.

For those of you who don’t travel much, you should. If you want to see beaches like that get yourself a ticket to Belize. Skip Bahamas, there’s absolutely nothing to see there. These days Bahamas are paved and overpopulated. Getting scammed by a local is just a bonus.

Other places to see: Phuket (Thailand), Cape Brenton Island (Nova Scotia).

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Holy Bile Disclaimer

Holy Bible Disclaimer

Some of you might not find it as humorous as I did. If you feel insulted, please go stick your head back in the sand.

If we’re to label music and other creative works (this doesn’t imply that all music should be considered creative) with warnings about their content, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be labeling other works of fiction as such.

I’d pay particular attention to the “Exposure Warning” section as it carries a pretty heavy load.

Pray carefully!

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Balls of Fury: hillarious ping pong photos.

Balls of Fury - Ping Pong PicturesIn the spirit of the upcoming “Balls of Fury” movie, which seems I alone find funny, I posting this collection of hillarious and also pretty neat ping pong pictures. If you think ping pong is a game of the fat, out of shape couch warriors, you haven’t played serious ping pong. At my old dot-bomb job we had this ping pong table and a while board where we kept score. The ongoing championships we had were probably one of the reasons why the company blew thru multiple rounds of funding and had nothing to show in the end. Nevertheless, it was a great past time. These pictures are here to prove it.

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A collection of cool illustrations.

amazing illustratio, artwork, cartoon, painting

Here’s a collection of quality illustrations done by various artists. I’m posting them here for no reason other than they caught my eye and admire the skill and effort that went into them. Enjoy.

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10 photos of beautiful female faces.

Beautiful Female FacesI am in an artsy-fartsy mood today, thus this post. As a human male with raging hormones I love, admire and worship women. I also love simplicity, grace and healthy looks. Here I present a small collection of beautiful, natural and absolutely gorgeous female faces.

Some of you might find these shots cliche. You might be right, many of these have been done before with popular glamour model. These, on the other hand, are unknown cuties. That’s what makes these so damn faces. I’m seriously tired of seeing the same face over and over again. Amateurs make art and even shallow glamour look fresh.

Next time you see some hippie dude walking around with an SLR camera, ask him to take a picture of your girlfriend. She might end up on my site. And no, I won’t send you a check.

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Silvercash Bikini Contest 2007

Amazing Bikini Model Photo

Here’s some eye candy from the bi-annual Silvercash bikini contest which takes place at the Internext adult expo. This one took place at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

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A huge collection of images of bathroom door signs from around the World.

great bathroom pictures I really never bothered to think of how many ways a pictogram of a man and a woman can be created. This gives a pretty good idea that the possibilities are endless. This is a huge collection of pictures taken of bathroom doors around the World depicting simple, common ideas – male and female. That’s right, the “little boys” and the “little girls” rooms. I have to admit that some of these are quite hard to depict – I’d probably stand there trying to guess which door to enter.

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